Davis Field Terminal Building

Davis Field at Muskogee Airport had been operating without a proper terminal building. The airport encompassed several hangars and an FBO, but no substantial waiting areas or amenities. A terminal would add several functions, such as restrooms available 24 hours a day, vending machines, and waiting areas. It also provides a conference center for use by the airport, the community, and the Muskogee economic development team.

The overall design created a destination depicting the rich history of the site through its years of service to both military and civilian interests. Special attention was made to include historic photographs and to educate the visiting public  of the importance of aviation and the specific regional contributions from both Davis Field and the recently closed Hatbox Field.


planning, design, interior design, construction documents, construction administration, topographic survey, grading & drainage plan, demolition plan, construction safety plan, utility relocation coordination, sanitary sewer and water service connections, erosion control plan


5,000 sf


February 2013


2014 Architectural Merit Award by the American Institute of Architects – Central Oklahoma Chapter