State Capitol Restoration Programme

Having suffered through a century of use, exposure to the elements, and often neglect, the Capitol was nearing a critical juncture in its life cycle. The exterior facade was rapidly deteriorating; mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems were worn; life-safety systems were inadequate and modern additions for technology were almost impossible to accomplish. Many previous repairs, made in haste and for the sake of economy, were actively causing irreparable damage to the existing structure.

All buildings are built with a life span. This building, by its nature, can have no end, no day when its replacement comes and assumes its place. It required a distinct approach and mindset. Our work includes Operations and Maintenance activity, as well as oversight of Capitol Improvement.

Over the past 7 years the office of Mass Architects has been instrumental in leading the charge to restore the capitol. To complete this task our office generated a Capitol conditions report which was instrumental in the passage of house bill 1910.

With the passage of this bill Mass Architects will assume the oversight role for the entire process ensuring the integrity and quality of workmanship is held to the highest standards.


programming, masterplanning


$120 million