? Paddlefish Caviar Research and Processing Center

Miami, Oklahoma is home to the Oklahoma Paddlefish Caviar Research and Processing Center. This facility was designed to collect, clean, process and package of paddlefish caviar. It also houses offices, lockers and showers for employees to use.

The processing center is an Oklahoma Wildlife Conservation project. The facility is primarily used during the paddlefish season with the ability to process over 15,000 pounds of caviar in a month. This supplies the Oklahoma Department of wildlife with over $1.4 million in funding. Being able to process and package caviar in the facility, allows the distribution of caviar all over the world, ranging from high end New York restaurants to Japan.

The Miami Paddlefish Caviar Research and Processing Center appeared on ABC’s Nightline addition on July 9, 2013.


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5,000 sf


April 2011