Oklahoma Historical Society

As one of the few surviving Carnegie libraries in the State of Oklahoma and the only one with a dome paid for by Mr. Carnegie, this is a very important building. After many years of neglected maintenance we were trusted with restoring/repairing the dome, roof, and stamped metal cornice to protect the interior from being damaged any further prior to its renovation.

The dome was suffering sever structural damage and upon repair of the dome structural system a complete restoration of the dome’s exterior decorative stamped metal surface was undertaken. The fascia/cornice was in even worse shape, with areas of rust, missing dentils, rotted sub-structure, and even sections missing.

Much research was performed to determine the proper course for this work and after taking measured drawings of the profile and using a small section for reference we had a custom die made to form replacement sections.


planning, design, interior design, construction documents, construction administration


November 2007 for the Centennial Exhibition and Inaugural Festivities