Catholic Charities of Oklahoma City

This vision for the new headquarters for Catholic Charities began through a design competition held among some of the top design firms in OKC. The concept set forth by Mass Architects was selected as that which most accurately grasped the mission of this charitable organization and directly translated it to the context of the City around them. Borrowing proportions and details of the historic nature of Midtown, an emphasis was placed on the street, presenting the facade to the very population Catholic Charities strives to serve.

The facility houses all departments of Catholic Charities with a very open public lobby, a training center, a dedicated chapel, warehouse space, and even incorporates production space for Catholic Broadcasting.

The structure bookends the west boundary of Midtown OKC and forms a vital part of the ‘Corridor of Hope’ shaping up along Classen Blvd. The iconic column on the corner illustrates this hope, as the internally lit Lantern gently and  symbolically invites patrons and volunteers alike.


Planning, Design, Interior Design, Construction Documents, Construction Administration


34,000 sf


May 2016