Matthew Radcliffe is the principal in the office dedicated to the overall project and management. He supervises all project architects and staff throughout design phases and ensures proper client involvement and coordination.

Matthew has a wonderful ability to incorporate the client’s vision for the project, desired outcomes, and fundamental needs. After working to fully understand all facets of the program, he continually strives to find the best value to deliver both requested and required solutions that will reconcile with the budget. His knowledge of the technological requirements within modern offices and education spaces helps round out those amenities a client may need, but may not have completely thought through.

Matthew plays an active role in all design efforts for the office. He possesses a strong conceptual acumen and assists other project architects to develop successful solutions for the client’s program. He is also responsible for a majority of the firm’s visualizations and renderings.

Matthew is a member of the American Institute of Architects with National Council of Architectural Registration Board (NCARB) certification. He is a Registered Architect in 6 states and holds a Bachelor of Architecture from Oklahoma State University.